ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack

The ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack license amplifies the available licenses for individual applications (pre-processing, meshing, solve, HPC, post-processing), enabling simultaneous execution of multiple design points while consuming just one set of application licenses.

For a very large structural mechanics model of a tractor axle, the total elapsed time consumed can be significantly reduced by using ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack functionality.

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Scalable Licensing Scalable Licensing

Following the structure of the ANSYS HPC Pack license used to deliver scalable parallel processing for single jobs, the ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack license scales the user’s ability to run multiple simultaneous parametric analyses. One ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack license enables up to four simultaneous design evaluations – with no additional application licenses required.

A single ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack license enables execution of four simultaneous design points, with no additional application licenses required..

Similar to ANSYS HPC Packs that deliver scalable parallel processing, Parametric Packs scale functionality when the customer chooses to use more than one pack per parametric design study.

Each additional HPC Parametric Pack license doubles the number of designs that can be evaluated simultaneously, up to 64 parametric jobs when five parametric pack licenses are invoked.

Supported Application Licenses Supported Application Licenses

The following table lists ANSYS products that are amplified by the ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack license.





ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Fluent solver

ANSYS Icepak, ANSYS Icepak Solver, ANSYS Icepak Mesher

ANSYS Structural

ANSYS Structural Solver

ANSYS Professional NLS

ANSYS Mechanical

ANSYS Mechanical Emag

ANSYS Mechanical CFD-Flo

ANSYS Mechanical PrepPost

ANSYS Mechanical Solver

ANSYS Multiphysics

ANSYS AIM Standard

ANSYS Autodyn-3D

ANSYS Fatigue Module



ANSYS Meshing

ANSYS Extended Meshing (including ANSYS TGrid, ANSYS ICEM CFD functionality)

ANSYS TurboGrid

ANSYS Polyflow, ANSYS Polyflow solver


Other ANSYS products can participate in a simultaneous design-point update, provided that sufficient individual application licenses are available during the simultaneous execution of the multiple design points.

HPC Licensing Support HPC Licensing Support

ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack licensing treats high-performance computing licensing in exactly the same way it treats solver licenses, meshing licenses and other base application licenses invoked by the parametrically linked design study. You can reserve the number of parallel processes to be used for one design point, and that amount of parallel processing will become available for execution of all simultaneous design points.