Geometry Interface for SolidWorks

Are you looking for optimal analysis for SolidWorks®? ANSYS has it. From robust linear analysis to nonlinear, from CFD to explicit dynamics, from hydrodynamics to electromagnetics, or even unique coupled physics products, ANSYS can solve virtually any problem.

  • Integrated directly into the SolidWorks menu
  • Direct use of SolidWorks parts and assemblies
  • Fully and bidirectionally associative
  • Optimization and Design for Six Sigma tools
  • Fatigue analysis
  • World-class true, nonlinear capability for contact, thermal and materials
  • True computational fluid dynamics capability for designers and experts
  • High- and low-frequency electromagnetic capability

ANSYS Workbench solutions for SolidWorks


2-D cell phone board layout brought into SolidWorks (top), transformed into 3-D model with CircuitWorks (middle), thermal solution performed using ANSYS software: 550-component assembly, automatically created 700 pairs of contact, solved on basic MS Windows PC

Courtsey CircuitWorks. 

The latest ANSYS release allows users to leverage SolidWorks assemblies and, through ANSYS Workbench wizard technology, easily set-up and accurately simulate your assembly designs. The ANSYS geometry interface for SolidWorks includes an associative interface and a file-based reader. The ANSYS Workbench environment provides an intuitive user experience of unique automation, performance, and knowledge capture technology that integrates simulation activities with parametric CAD systems; all built upon the world-class ANSYS solver foundation.