Geometry Interface for CATIA V4 and V5

Users of CATIA® create designs that are critical to their companies' success. They need tools that allow testing of designs or product assemblies within the design environment and that validate these designs and assemblies against specifications early in the development process.

  • Direct use of CATIA V4 and V5 parts and assemblies, surfaces or solids or both (standard product configuration)
  • Fully and bidirectionally associative (see ANSYS sales rep for details)
  • Optimization and Design for Six Sigma Tools
  • Fatigue analysis
  • World-class true nonlinear capability for contact, thermal and materials
  • True computational fluid dynamics capability for designers and experts
  • High- and low-frequency electromagnetic capability

ANSYS offers software solutions that integrate with design tools and provide the ability to perform design validations accurately and quickly. The latest release allows designers and engineering to leverage their CATIA assemblies and, through ANSYS Workbench wizard technology, to easily set up and accurately simulate designs. ANSYS offers two geometry interface solutions for CATIA V5, one associative and another in form of a file-based reader. The ANSYS Workbench environment provides an intuitive user experience of unique automation, performance and knowledge-capture technology that integrates simulation activities with parametric CAD systems — all built upon foundation of world-class ANSYS solvers.