Integrated Parameter Management

As always, the applications hosted in the ANSYS Workbench platform support parametric variations, including CAD parameters, material properties, boundary conditions and derived result parameters. Parameters defined within the applications are managed from the project window, making it easy to investigate multiple variations of the analysis. From within the project window, a series of design points can be built up in tabular form and executed to complete a what-if study with a single operation.


Parameters present within simulation can be driven directly from project schematic. Table of parameter changes can be defined and design variations executed in batch.

To fully leverage the power of parametric analysis, ANSYS DesignXplorer software can be used with the parameter set to drive design of experiments, goal-driven optimization, or min/max searches or even to perform Six Sigma analysis to investigate design robustness. This power is available across all applications, all physics and all solvers available within the ANSYS Workbench platform (including Mechanical APDL).