Meshing Methods: Shell and Beam

For 2-D planar (axisymmetric), shell and beam models, ANSYS Meshing provides efficient tools to quickly generate a high-quality mesh to accurately simplify the physics.

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2-D planar model with inflation layers defined at model boundary

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Beam model of electrical tower

Mesh Methods for shell models:

  • Default surface meshing
    • Multiple surface meshing engines are used behind the scenes to provide a robust, automated surface mesh consisting of all quad, quad dominant or all tri surface mesh.
    • Sizing controls and mapped controls can be added, and source faces selected to modify and take control of the automated sweeping.
  • Uniform surface meshing
    • This method provides an orthogonal, uniform meshing algorithm that attempts to force an all quad or quad-dominant surface mesh that ignores small features to provide optimum control over the edge length.