Simulation Driven Product Development

We developed the ANSYS Workbench environment as a central platform in support of Simulation-Driven Product Development™. As part of that vision, we created DesignXplorer to leverage the power of Workbench for parametric analyses. Workbench makes it easy to create and manage parameters, setup is persistent, and updates are automatic

You can add ANSYS DesignXplorer’s systems (goal-driven optimization, parameters correlation, response surface and Six Sigma analysis) to the Workbench schematic with drag-and-drop simplicity. The remote solve manager (RSM) allows for distributed solve of design points.

ANSYS DesignXplorer leverages these and other ANSYS strengths to help you truly understand your design — and so that you can apply simulation to drive product development.


ANSYS has a clear vision for Simulation Driven Product Development