Preparing Existing Geometry for Analysis

CAD models are usually intended to accurately represent the exact intent of the final design and often lack additional features required for simulation. ANSYS DesignModeler provides these unique simulation features such as splitting surfaces for applying loads, defining welds or creating regions around models that represent flow volumes or simulation domains for fluid flow and electromagnetic analyses.

Automatic flow volume extraction in ANSYS DesignModeler

A CAD model also may contain much more detail than the simulation process requires or the detail may not be in the right form. ANSYS DesignModeler enables tasks like deleting CAD features, extracting surfaces from a solid body, suppressing parts, merging multiple bodies into one and grouping bodies to form a part.

Automatic midsurface geometry extraction

ANSYS DesignModeler software also provides several tools for shell/surface modeling. Face- and edge-merge operations can be used to easily simplify models by eliminating unnecessary features and boundaries leading to improved meshes and faster solutions. Sew and connect operations can be employed to ensure proper connectivity in models with gaps and overlaps.

Similarly, the ability to select and extend groups of surfaces greatly simplifies the process of closing gaps between parts after midsurface extraction. This results in easier modeling of welds, for example. In addition, several features are available for beam modeling including support of standard cross sections, user-defined offsets, user-defined cross sections and tools for orientation control.