ANSYS Vista TF technology is designed to broaden the range of turbomachinery geometry design and analysis tools from ANSYS. 

Developed by PCA Engineers Limited, an international consultancy specializing in turbomachinery design software for many of the world's leading turbo manufacturers, ANSYS Vista TF is integrated into the ANSYS Workbench platform for powerful and quick turbomachinery design and analysis.

As a 2-D throughflow solver, the technology provides rapid initial analysis of rotating machinery before proceeding to more rigorous and detailed 3-D fluid flow simulations. Performing initial design iterations using the ANSYS Vista TF 2-D throughflow solver can reduce the total time devoted to product design and development, maximizing the efficiency of engineering simulation.

As a strong complement to powerful high-fidelity ANSYS CFD software, ANSYS Vista TF provides rapid preliminary optimization of turbomachinery designs on the basis of throughflow analysis.

ANSYS Vista TF fills the space between 1-D correlations and 3-D CFD.

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