Interactive Blade Design

ANSYS BladeModeler is a truly interactive blade design tool. Design modifications can be viewed immediately and clearly. The design is defined in a number of 2-D sketches, either at span-wise positions or at arbitrary user-defined positions, to immediately and interactively generate the full 3-D design as well as provide quantitative information such as blade angles and throat area. A meridional view is used to define flow paths, and two modes are available for defining blade shapes. An angle/thickness mode can be used to specify blade wrap (blade angle) and thickness distribution, as is typically used in radial machine design. Alternatively, a pressure side/suction side mode can be employed to independently describe the blade pressure side and suction side curves, as is common in axial machine design.

Tailored InterfaceThe ANSYS BladeModeler user interface is tailored to the needs of turbomachinery designers of both axial and radial components.