Comprehensive Turbomachinery Solution

Integration with the ANSYS DesignModeler tool means that ANSYS BladeModeler software delivers much more than just blade geometry. All the features of ANSYS DesignModeler  are also provided, delivering complete 3-D geometry modeling capabilities and allowing addition of any number of geometric features, such as hub metal, blade fillets, and cut-offs and trims. Blade designs can be combined with other non-bladed components, like housings, blade roots or complex 3-D tip regions. These non-bladed components can be created directly or imported using CAD connections to all major CAD vendors. There are no limits on the designs that can assembled and assessed.  ANSYS BladeModeler software provides the essential link between interactive blade design, mesh generation, and advanced simulation including fluid dynamics and structural mechanics. Full integration into ANSYS Workbench platform delivers parametric, persistent connections to other applications from ANSYS such as the ANSYS Vista TF tool for rapid 2-D through-flow analysis, ANSYS TurboGrid software for mesh generation, ANSYS fluid dynamics solutions for full 3-D flow analysis and ANSYS structural mechanics technology for stress and modal analysis. The entire process can be conducted in a single CAE environment.