ANSYS BladeModeler Features

ANSYS BladeModeler software is a specialized, easy-to-use tool for the rapid 3-D design of rotating machinery components.

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ANSYS Workbench Integration ANSYS Workbench Integration

ANSYS BladeModeler is fully integrated into the ANSYS Workbench platform to give users powerful options in defining their workflow and connecting different applications in their design process with simple drag-and-drop actions. For example, designs can be directly transferred to a throughflow analysis using ANSYS Vista TF or to mesh generation with the ANSYS TurboGrid tool.

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 Blade geometry models can be easily transferred to other
components in the ANSYS Workbench project schematic.

Complete Geometric Modeling Complete Geometric Modeling

For rapid analysis the most basic blade sketch may be sufficient. However, whenever needed, ANSYS BladeModeler software can be used to include detailed 3-D solid modeling geometry components, for maximum accuracy when assessing a particular design. The geometric level of detail is the user's choice to make. Depending on the design process and need, the blade geometry can be analyzed for aerodynamic performance, or mechanical behavior using state-of-the-art ANSYS fluid dynamics or ANSYS structural mechanics products, all inside the ANSYS Workbench environment.

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Add geometric details beyond the basic hydro- or aerodynamic blade
shape, or combine with CAD models of other features or components.

Integrated Initial Sizing Integrated Initial Sizing

A selection of meanline design tools from PCA Engineers is included with ANSYS BladeModeler software: ANSYS Vista CCD for centrifugal compressors, ANSYS Vista RTD for radial turbines, ANSYS Vista CPD for centrifugal pumps and ANSYS Vista AFD for axial fans. Given the machine duty — mass flow, pressure ratio, etc. — and geometric constraints, the program will configure the blade geometry and provide essential non-dimensional performance parameters including specific speed and specific flow. The blade geometry is output directly for use in ANSYS BladeModeler.

Initial Sizing ToolsANSYS BladeModeler includes initial sizing tools for various types
of rotating machinery: compressors, turbines, pumps and fans.

Interactive Blade Design Interactive Blade Design

ANSYS BladeModeler is a truly interactive blade design tool. Design modifications can be viewed immediately and clearly. The design is defined in a number of 2-D sketches, either at span-wise positions or at arbitrary user-defined positions, to immediately and interactively generate the full 3-D design as well as provide quantitative information such as blade angles and throat area. A meridional view is used to define flow paths, and two modes are available for defining blade shapes. An angle/thickness mode can be used to specify blade wrap (blade angle) and thickness distribution, as is typically used in radial machine design. Alternatively, a pressure side/suction side mode can be employed to independently describe the blade pressure side and suction side curves, as is common in axial machine design.

Tailored InterfaceThe ANSYS BladeModeler user interface is tailored to the needs of turbomachinery designers of both axial and radial components.

Comprehensive Turbomachinery Solution Comprehensive Turbomachinery Solution

Integration with the ANSYS DesignModeler tool means that ANSYS BladeModeler software delivers much more than just blade geometry. All the features of ANSYS DesignModeler  are also provided, delivering complete 3-D geometry modeling capabilities and allowing addition of any number of geometric features, such as hub metal, blade fillets, and cut-offs and trims. Blade designs can be combined with other non-bladed components, like housings, blade roots or complex 3-D tip regions. These non-bladed components can be created directly or imported using CAD connections to all major CAD vendors. There are no limits on the designs that can assembled and assessed.  ANSYS BladeModeler software provides the essential link between interactive blade design, mesh generation, and advanced simulation including fluid dynamics and structural mechanics. Full integration into ANSYS Workbench platform delivers parametric, persistent connections to other applications from ANSYS such as the ANSYS Vista TF tool for rapid 2-D through-flow analysis, ANSYS TurboGrid software for mesh generation, ANSYS fluid dynamics solutions for full 3-D flow analysis and ANSYS structural mechanics technology for stress and modal analysis. The entire process can be conducted in a single CAE environment.