Add-On Modules


ANSYS HPC provides powerful parallel performance computing options to solve large-scale electronics cooling models. Calculation speed can be drastically increased by performing simulations in parallel, either on a multicore machine or distributed over a large computing cluster.

ANSYS DesignModeler

The ANSYS DesignModeler tool enables the import, simplification and conversion of mechanical CAD into native ANSYS Icepak objects. Within the ANSYS Workbench platform, ANSYS DesignModeler allows import of geometry from all major mechanical CAD vendors through the ANSYS Workbench geometry interfaces. Imported geometry can easily be simplified for thermal analysis using both the automatic and manual geometry editing and simplification tools available in ANSYS DesignModeler.


AnsoftLinks software allows the import of electronic CAD data from EDA layout tools into ANSYS Icepak for thermal analysis. With AnsoftLinks, selected components from electronic packages or printed circuit boards can be converted into an Ansoft neutral file, which can then be imported into ANSYS Icepak. AnsoftLinks supports the conversion of EDA data from a number of tools offered by Cadence, Zuken, Sigrity and Mentor Graphics.

ANSYS Iceopt

ANSYS Iceopt software provides robust design optimization capabilities for ANSYS Icepak, extending parametric capabilities to allow for performance of in-depth design analysis and optimization of electronic components.

ANSYS Icegrb

ANSYS Icegrb software enables the import of Gerber files from EDA tools such as Cadence®, Zuken, Sigrity® and Mentor Graphics® into ANSYS Icepak for the thermal analysis of printed circuit boards and packages.