Wide Range of Post-Processing Options

Within a modern and intuitive user interface, the ANSYS CFD-Post tool sets no limits on creativity when used to generate powerful images to illustrate fluid flow in any desired level of detail. From vector plots and streamlines to vortex cores and flow animations, ANSYS CFD-Post provides all the tools needed to produce insightful solution visualizations, including 3D-images viewable by anyone with the freely distributable 3-D viewer. These high-quality visuals are invaluable in communicating results to colleagues and customers, helping to explain and understand complex flow phenomena.

High-end graphical post-processing is only one part of ANSYS CFD-Post; its quantitative post-processing abilities are powerful and important to the simulation process. With the functions of ANSYS CFD-Post at their fingertips, users can quickly get all the data they need out of their calculation: Weighted averages, mass flows, forces, maximum/minimum values, and many more functions enable precise analysis of the CFD results. Add tabulated results presentation, chart plotting, special turbomachinery functionality, and automatic report generation, and there is virtually no limit to the post-processing possibilities in ANSYS CFD-Post.

The final touch is automation: Macros can be easily created, for example, by recording the interactive steps in a session file for replay and re-use with similar cases. The macros can be employed at a later date to create images, charts, tables and reports automatically for different simulation results. ANSYS CFD-Post can also be run completely in batch mode, for fully automated processes and integration in optimization.