3-D ANSYS CFD Viewer

Download the Stand-alone 3-D ANSYS CFD Viewer

The ANSYS CFD Viewer displays 3-D graphics objects in an interactive window. This viewer is provided free of charge, is not license key controlled, and is freely distributable under the terms of the license agreement included in the installation.

With this viewer, users can share 3-D graphics with colleagues or customers, as an alternative to sending static (2-D) images. It also allows users to show 3-D graphics within html browsers, such as Internet Explorer, as well as embed 3-D graphics into PowerPoint presentations.

The 3-D graphic object files (file extension *.cvf) can be generated by ANSYS CFD-Post as well as CFX-Pre and ANSYS TurboGrid. Details on the generation and use of these files are included with the installation.

Please note that this Viewer is currently only available for Windows.


To download the ANSYS CFD Standalone Viewer, please read the user agreement and upon your acceptance you will be provided with the ANSYS CFD Standalone Viewer download.


Download the ANSYS CFD Standalone Viewer
Version: 16.0
File Size: 7 MB
Once downloaded, extract the contents of the zip file to a temporary directory, run the self-installing exe file and follow the instructions. Sample 3-D graphic object files are included for the user to verify that the viewer installation is functioning correctly.


ANSYS takes no responsibility for content or downloads obtained from third-party sites.

Note that download using Internet Explorer 8 has occasionally been observed to be unsuccessful. If the downloaded archive cannot be extracted or is noted as invalid, please re-try the download using a different browser.