PLM Integration

FLUENT for CATIA V5 technology is based on Dassault Systèmes' SIMULIA scientific platform and the underlying CAA V5 architecture. ANSYS has created an integrated CFD solution that helps to integrate fluid dynamics into product design. FLUENT for CATIA V5 technology is more than CFD embedded into CAD: It ensures that a company can make the most of its PLM investments. 

Product development companies today not only need knowledge and data management capabilities, they require fully generative relationships between the design of their manufacturing-ready geometric models and their mathematical simulation models — including structural, thermal and CFD analysis. Simply viewing the CFD model in the same graphics window as the CAD model is not enough. The CFD model must fully reside in the PLM software's data management system. Then engineers can rapidly turn CAD models into flow models and perform comprehensive knowledge-based optimization studies needed to develop the best products in the shortest time. FLUENT for CATIA V5 technology that makes this possible.