Proven Solver Technology and Accurate Numerics

ANSYS Fluent runs robustly and efficiently for all physical models and flow types including steady-state or transient, incompressible or compressible flows (from low subsonic to hypersonic), laminar or turbulent flows, Newtonian or non-Newtonian flows, and ideal or real gases.

ANSYS Fluent offers robust solvers for any application: a fully segregated pressure based solver, a coupled pressure based solver with pseudo-transient option, an implicit and an explicit density based solver.

Careful discretization is necessary to provide robust and accurate answers to the range of situations encountered in industrial CFD. ANSYS Fluent software's default high-resolution discretization delivers on both counts. The adaptive central bounded numeric scheme locally adjusts the discretization to be as close to second order as possible while ensuring stable simulation. Sophisticated numerics ensure accurate results on any combination of mesh types, including (hybrid) meshes with hanging nodes and non-matching mesh interfaces. ANSYS Fluent allows refinement or coarsening of the mesh based on the flow solution.

Underhood and cabin thermal management of a truck