Post-Processing & Data Export

Post-processing tools for ANSYS Fluent can be used to generate meaningful graphics, animations and reports that make it easy to convey fluid dynamics results. Shaded and transparent surfaces, pathlines, vector plots, contour plots, custom field variable definition and scene construction are just some of the post-processing features that are available. Solution data can be exported to ANSYS CFD-Post, third-party graphics packages or CAE packages for additional analysis. Within the ANSYS Workbench environment, ANSYS Fluent solution data can be mapped to ANSYS simulation surfaces for use as thermal or pressure loads. In standalone mode, ANSYS Fluent can map structural and thermal loads on surfaces and temperatures in volumes from ANSYS Fluent to third-party FEA meshes.

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 Different designs can be compared directly in ANSYS CFD-Post, both visually and quantitatively.