Material Properties

The detailed behavior of materials under the influence of flow conditions, such as pressure or temperature, can have a critical effect on the accuracy of CFD predictions. ANSYS Fluent software provides a wide range of material modeling options to ensure nothing stands in the way of achieving the highest fidelity solutions possible.

ANSYS Fluent comes with a rich database of material properties for a large range of liquids, gases, and solids. Both ideal and real fluid behavior can be modeled using well-established and advanced equations of state. Numerous relations are available for viscosity and conductivity variations, from Sutherland’s formula to models based on kinetic theory. For non-Newtonian fluids, an ample selection of viscosity models is provided to account for their shear-rate dependent behavior.

Should a simulation involve a proprietary material, or any other material or material property not already included in the material database, ANSYS Fluent users can take advantage of the flexibility of the user environment to easily define any number of new materials or dependencies of material properties on flow conditions such as pressure, temperature, shear-strain rate and more. Users can enter any algebraic expressions for such custom models directly in the ANSYS Fluent GUI using the simple syntax or user-defined functions.