Heat Transfer & Radiation

Optimizing heat transfer can be critical in many types of industrial equipment, like turbine blades, engine blocks and combustors, as well as in the design of buildings and structures. In such applications, an accurate prediction of convective heat transfer is essential. In many of these cases, the diffusion of heat in solids and/or heat transfer by radiation also plays an important role.

ANSYS Fluent software features the latest technology for combining fluid dynamics solutions using conjugate heat transfer (CHT) for the calculation of thermal conduction through solid materials. The solid domain can be meshed directly or modeled as a thin solid sheet using the shell model. Additional related features include the ability to account for heat conduction through thin baffles, thermal resistance at contact areas between solids and through coatings on solid surfaces.

ANSYS Fluent incorporates a wealth of models to capture all types of radiative heat exchange in and between fluids and solids from fully and semi-transparent to radiation, or opaque. ANSYS Fluent gives the user the choice of different spectral models to account for wavelength dependencies in a simulation. It also enables scattering effects to be taken into account.