Dynamic & Moving Mesh

The dynamic mesh capability in ANSYS Fluent software meets the needs of challenging applications, including in-cylinder flows, valves and store separation. Several different mesh rebuilding schemes, including layering, smoothing and remeshing, can be used for different moving parts within the same simulation as needed. Key-frame mesh swapping allows swapping (automatic or manual) of a mesh during the solution according to a sequence of pregenerated meshes. Only the initial mesh and a description of the boundary movement are required. A built-in six-degrees-of-freedom solver is available for applications with unconstrained motion, including store separation, ship hydrodynamics, missile launch and tank sloshing. Dynamic meshing is compatible with a host of other models including the ANSYS Fluent suite of spray breakup and combustion models, and multiphase models including those for free surface prediction and compressible flow.

ANSYS Fluent also provides sliding mesh and multiple reference frame models that have a proven track record for mixing tanks, pumps and turbomachinery.

Internal combustion engine modeling using ANSYS Fluent moving and deforming mesh models and post-processed using ANSYS CFD-Post software