Immersed Solid Method

The immersed solids method is an additional FSI option within ANSYS CFX that allows simulation of unlimited motion of solid objects through fluid regions, as it avoids any mesh deformation or remeshing. As an immersed solid passes through a fluid, the region of overlap is determined and the fluid solution is adjusted to reflect the presence of the solid by applying appropriate source terms. The solid motion can be defined by the user with complete flexibility, or it can be an implicit result from the rigid body solver within ANSYS CFX.

A fully integrated and implicit six-degree-of-freedom rigid body solver in ANSYS CFX permits boundary, domain, or subdomain motion to be an implicit result of the forces and moments acting on a rigid body of a given mass and defined moments of inertia. Applications include store separation from aircraft and ship motion under the influence of waves.

View Larger ImageFlow through screw pump simulated using immersed solid technology to capture rotor motion