Customization & Project-Wide Scripting Tools

ANSYS CFX software offers many options for customization and automation, including user-defined GUI extensions to allow advanced users to create customized input panels with application-specific terminology and explanatory sketches, a customizable model library with predefined setups for complex or frequently repeated cases, batch execution of macros and recorded session files, and full access to the Perl programming language for maximum programmability.

The CFX Expression Language (CEL) and CFX Command Language (CCL) form the foundation of the flexibility of ANSYS CFX and its user environment.

CEL is a powerful definition language that allows users to incorporate their own custom models quickly and directly in the standard ANSYS CFX user interfaces. For example, users can take advantage of CEL to add new physical models, create additional solution variables, define property relationships, and set boundary conditions and profiles. CEL syntax is intuitive and easy to learn. It includes many predefined functions and operators to allow easy customization of simulations in a number of ways.

CCL is the intuitive text-based command-file that can be used as a GUI alternative to access the solver, implement physics, define boundary conditions and set solver parameters. Parametric studies can be quickly defined by editing command files and changing the appropriate values. This enables ANSYS CFX software to be run in batch mode or to be integrated in optimization and design systems.

Furthermore, CEL and CCL functions can be combined with ANSYS Workbench (project-wide) scripting tools that go beyond fluid dynamics itself. In this respect, productivity can be significantly increased by using the scripting tools for parameter/file/data management as well as design exploration studies.

"I have always been a fan of the ANSYS CFX Expression Language (CEL), and I use it to easily customize, extend, and parameterize my simulations all the time. In Release 12.0 it is even easier and faster to access my custom expressions inside CFX-Pre , it's child's play!"

— Fabio Kasper, Development Engineer, Whirlpool