ANSYS SIwave is a specialized design platform for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis of electronic packages and PCBs. The software is available in three specialized analysis packages: SIwave-DC, SIwave-PI and SIwave. The products build upon each other, delivering maximum flexibility to equip PCB and package engineers with the analysis capabilities they require.

arrow Watch the video below to learn how SIwave analyzes power integrity, signal integrity and EMI of complex PCB and IC package structures.
ANSYS SIwave-DC: DC voltage drop analysis.arrow
arrowANSYS SIwave-PI: AC power delivery network (PDN) analysis and optimization
ANSYS SIwave: End-to-end signal integrity and EMI analysis including ESDarrow

Functionality SIwave-DC SIwave-PI SIwave
ECAD translation
SIwave & 3-D layout GUI
I2R DC solver
Plane resonance solver  
Automated capacitor decoupling analysis  
AC solver (SYZ)  
Frequency sweep solver  
Synopsys HSPICE integration  
Near-field solver    
Far-field solver    
Flight time calculator (signal net analyzer)    
Circuit analysis
(IBIS, IBIS-AMI, Power Aware IBIS, QE, VE, etc.)
Add-On Options      
ANSYS Icepak
ANSYS Electronics HPC
ANSYS Q3D Extractor 3-D solver
ANSYS SIwave PSI solver
ANSYS distributed solve  
ANSYS SI option  
ANSYS RF option