ANSYS DesignerSI

ANSYS DesignerSI is a set of specialized product suites for engineers designing various signaling architectures that include XAUI, XFI, Serial ATA, PCI Express, HDMI and DDR. This easy-to-use design platform integrates rigorous electromagnetic analysis with circuit and system simulation in a highly accurate design flow for gigabit communication and memory applications.

Using DesignerSI, you can leverage multiple signal-integrity simulation methods such as traditional transient, fast convolution, statistical and IBIS-AMI analyses in a single user interface. These methods utilize optimization algorithms, design of experiments (DOE), tuning, and post-processing for key signal-integrity metrics, such as TDR (time-domain reflectometry), BER (bit-error-rate), timing analysis and eye diagrams. The new solver-on-demand technology in DesignerSI allows you to drive electromagnetic simulators (ANSYS HFSS, ANSYS PlanarEM) and circuit simulation tools (ANSYS Nexxim and Synopsys® HSPICE®) directly from its layout-based interface. DesignerSI with solver-on-demand technology delivers the best-in-class design platform for signal- and power-integrity analysis.