ANSYS TGrid Features

ANSYS TGrid performs advanced hybrid volume mesh generation using Cartesian hanging-node hexa, tetrahedral, pyramids, and prisms (wedges or hexahedra) and 2-D meshing with triangles and quadrilaterals.

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TGrid Features TGrid Features

  • Advanced size function based surface wrapper technology with manual and automatic hole fixing tools
  • Post-wrapper operations like imprinting, coarsening, zone extraction and quality enhancing tools
  • Use of advancing boundary layer method for prisms layering including automatic proximity handling
  • Generation of HexCore and advancing-front tetrahedral volume meshes
  • Tools to improve the quality of surface and volume meshes
  • Tools to manipulate face/cell zones
  • Surface creation and re-meshing using Delaunay Triangulation (tris)
  • Tools for creating, intersecting, repairing, replacing and improving boundary mesh
  • TGrid can import boundary meshes from the ANSYS preprocessor GAMBIT, as well as numerous third party preprocessors