ANSYS TGrid software is a specialized preprocessor used to create unstructured tetrahedral and HexCore meshes for complex and very large surface meshes. TGrid offers advanced prism layer creation tools including collision detection and sharp corner handling. TGrid is also equipped with an advanced wrapping procedure that produces a high-quality, size function driven connected triangular surface mesh from a large set of unconnected faceted surfaces. TGrid software's robust, automated algorithms save preprocessing time and generate high-quality meshes for CFD analysis in ANSYS Fluent software.

Surface and volume meshes may be imported into TGrid from GAMBIT, ANSYS structural mechanics solutions, CATIA®, I-DEAS®, NASTRAN®, PATRAN®, Pro/ENGINEER®, Hypermesh® and more. Extensive tools are included in TGrid for improving imported surface mesh quality and for rapidly assembling meshes from multiple parts.

TGrid's convenient mesh quality diagnostic tools allow for easy verification of mesh size and quality.