ANSYS ICEM CFD Input Interfaces

The ICEM CFD Product vision is to provide the best meshing tools for "any" CAE application. Currently ICEM CFD is used with well over 100 solvers. Similarly, our users have asked us to develop a number of Mesh Input Interfaces overview below.

This allows ANSYS ICEM CFD to be used as a converter.

For the FEA version of ICEM CFD, known as AI*Environment, this capability has been expanded for the Main FEA solvers. For these solvers, we have developed a General setup template (A load is a load and a rigid beam is a rigid beam). This means we can import with full boundary conditions and properties such as contact, material properties, loads, constraints, etc. and then write out with all the appropriate boundary conditions to another solver. The translation of how a load or property is setup within each solver his handled behind the scenes. There are advanced options to control defaults.

While the mesh, properties and boundary conditions are loaded, you can use AI*Environment to edit them freely, setup subcases, etc.

The rest of this page will focus on the output interfaces available with ANSYS ICEM CFD.

1. Interface

2. Table of Supported Input Formats