Direct CAD Interfaces

Industry-leading CAD and geometry support is key to increased productivity with ANSYS ICEM CFD meshing software. A  wide range of direct CAD interfaces, geometry readers, faceted geometry readers and mesh import are supported. Components from different formats can easily be combined within one meshing session. 

Available for all major CAD environments, unique direct CAD Interfaces allow boundary conditions and mesh parameters to be applied within the CAD system and carried all the way through to the solver. Parametric modeling is simplified, as this information is preserved with the original CAD model, even throughout design modifications. These interfaces enable the CAD model to be transferred directly into ANSYS ICEM CFD software, avoiding the cleanup often required with third-party formats such as STEP, IGES or STL. 

ANSYS ICEM CFD can read and repair third-party CAD, such as STEP, IGES, ACISĀ®, ParasolidĀ®, DWG/DXF, IDI and GEMS. Users can take advantage of the ability to import and repair many forms of faceted data (STL, VRML, etc.) and formatted point clouds. There are options to import mesh and convert surface mesh to faceted geometry, including feature capture.

Flexible parametric CAD geometry and faceted geometry support combined with geometry-tolerant patch independent meshers within ANSYS ICEM CFD can reduce or eliminate the need for CAD repair or NURBS surfacing of faceted geometries.