Complete Meshing Suite

Many flexible mesh generation tools within ANSYS ICEM CFD offer the capability to parametrically create volume or surface meshes from geometry or mesh in multiblock structured, unstructured hexahedral, Cartesian, tetrahedral prism, hexa hybrid and unstructured quad/tri shell formats. 

ANSYS ICEM CFD software includes surface patch-independent mesh methods for generating shell, tetrahedral or hexahedral meshes. Patch independence allows the user to selectively capture important geometric features yet ignore flaws, such as slivers or gaps. These meshers can accommodate significant defects in the geometry without requiring repair. 

ANSYS ICEM CFD Hexa uses a primarily top-down blocking approach to efficiently hex mesh complex models without the need to subdivide the geometry. ANSYS ICEM CFD Hexa offers interactive and automated tools that provide a high degree of quality and control for hex meshing. The blocking is scriptable and parametric and can be associated with topologically similar geometries, saving work on successive models and empowering simulation to lead design.