ANSYS ICEM CFD Technology in ANSYS Meshing

A key component of the ANSYS solution is to unify the company's best meshing technologies into the ANSYS Meshing platform, making this technology available within the ANSYS Workbench environment. Development teams have combined key ANSYS ICEM CFD technology, such as shell meshing, tetra/prism and hexa MultiZone, with the best technology available within TGrid, GAMBIT, CFX Mesh and ANSYS structural mechanics products to form the comprehensive ANSYS Meshing tool. Improvements have been made in the implementing and integrating these methods to make the modern, parametric and persistent, highly automated, physics-aware, and flexible meshing tools easily accessible to ANSYS ICEM CFD users, The ANSYS Meshing solution works with the current ANSYS ICEM CFD (aienv) and ANSY ICEM CFD Tetra (aitetra) keys.