Code Checking & Fatigue Calculations

A major requirement for many civil engineering designs (including offshore structures) is the need to satisfy regulatory codes of practice for frame and shell-like structures. ANSYS ASAS software provides the capability to undertake checks against the most commonly used codes. Three categories of code checks may be undertaken:

  • Beam member checks for strength and buckling
  • Tubular joint connections
  • Hydrostatic collapse

Present and past codes are available, including API WSD and LRFD, AISC WSD and LRFD, ISO 19902, NORSOK, BS5950 and DS449.

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Member utilizations
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Joint check utilizations 

To compliment code checking, ANSYS ASAS provides a fatigue capability that provides for operational life evaluation in environments in which fatigue issues have been identified (for example, in the offshore industry). Spectral, deterministic and time history fatigue analysis options are available. Stress concentration factors either can be explicitly defined or utilized with a set of empirical formulations, including the Efthymiou influence function approach. S-N curves may also be explicitly defined, or use one of the predefined curves commonly adopted. Thickness correction effects can be included.