Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbines

ANSYS ASAS is increasingly used in the design and certification process of offshore wind turbines (OWTs). In addition, the technology has been used over the last four decades in the oil and gas industry to analyze a large variety of offshore structures. The software's extensive and well-proven set of FEA capabilities enable comprehensive and reliable design and certification. In particular, ANSYS ASAS is used to simulate the overall OWT system: A number of effects can be analyzed simultaneously, including wave loads (from regular and irregular sea states and currents), elastic behavior of the support structure (ranging from monopiles to jackets), soil characteristics of the local sea bed, and loads from turbulent wind fields and turbine control systems when coupled with specialized wind programs such as Flex5, ADCoS and FAST. Hundreds of load cases can be easily set up, as required, and from these cases ANSYS ASAS can derive probabilistic-based rainflow-counting fatigue data, such as fatigue life, usage factors, damage per wave and stress histograms.

Courtesy REpower Systems AG.