Total Capability for All Hydrodynamic Applications

ANSYS AQWA is not just for moorings or diffraction/radiation. It is a general-purpose hydrodynamics analysis tool that provides enormous flexibility to address most types of problems. Examples of its use include:

  • Design and analysis of mooring systems, including intermediate buoys and clump weights
  • Motions analysis of FPSOs
  • Determination of air gaps
  • Calculation of shielding effects of ships and barriers
  • Multiple body interactions during LNG transfer
  • Coupled cable dynamics
  • Sectional force calculations
  • TLP tether analysis
  • Dropped object trajectory calculations
  • Concept design and analysis of wave and wind energy systems
  • Simulation of lifting operations between floating vessels
  • Discharging landing craft from mother ships
  • Transportation of large offshore structures using barges/ships
  • Float over analyses
  • Motion analysis of spar vessels