Modeling Flexibility

For large floating bodies, ANSYS AQWA requires a description of the hull form. A standard panel discretization of the hull is utilized in the radiation/diffraction stage of the simulation (and may be used in subsequent solvers, such as static and dynamic time domain solutions). This can be achieved in one of several ways.

For ship-form shaped vessels, there is an automated mesh generator that works from the ship's lines plan (or offsets).

For more general vessel forms, the ANSYS DesignModeler tool may be utilized either to generate the geometry directly or to import geometry from a wide range of CAD systems. This geometry can then be imported into the new ANSYS AQWA hydrodynamic diffraction analysis system that includes its own meshing capabilities. Alternatively, suitably defined external CAD geometry may be directly imported into ANSYS AQWA hydrodynamic diffraction.