Coupled Cable Dynamics

As an option, ANSYS AQWA software can include the effects of line dynamics by modeling the mooring lines as a series of rod elements. This has the added benefit of including drag loads and added mass effects of the line, which can be significant for the long lengths of line encountered in deep-water applications. The feature is available for both static (drag effects) and dynamic analyses. For the dynamic response, the capability is available within both the frequency and time domains. Frequency domain solutions are very fast and can help determine whether cable dynamics need to be considered as part of the analysis. Time domain solutions can provide much greater accuracy, but they take longer to run.

As a further level of investigation, individual lines may be processed through the graphical supervisor, providing detailed information about tensions and motions along the line.

Differences can occur between including and excluding the effects
of coupled cable dynamics. The distribution of energy during the analysis is also illustrated.