As worldwide demand for engineering materials has steadily increased, environmental pressures have intensified as well. To help address energy demands, process economics and other issues, engineering simulation via ANSYS technology is becoming a critical tool to help metals manufacturers balance time, price, sustainability and quality pressures.


MAHLE Metal Leve used ANSYS FLUENT to verify the influence of a cyclone over the inlet flow of an air intake system. 

The comprehensive multiphysics capabilities of ANSYS bring together fluid dynamics, mechanical modeling, fluid–structure interaction, electromagnetics and optimization in an adaptive architecture. ANSYS makes it possible to capture and apply detailed information on the behavior of liquids, solid particles and gases, heat transfer, and solidification phenomena.

Customers in the metals industry have used ANSYS software to improve processes, achieve cost savings and increase product quality. Solutions from ANSYS have been used in a wide range of applications specific to the metals industry, including:

  • Establishing optimal combinations of baffles and weirs in tundishes
  • Optimizing design of the pouring system in the caster process
  • Improving casting by studying gas injection in the submerged entry nozzle
  • Increasing product quality through prediction of solidification rate, development of solid shell and contaminant particle inclusion profile
  • Increasing longevity of blast furnaces through modeling iron flow, heat transfer and refractory wear in the hearth
  • Optimizing chemical processes in ladles
  • Regulating heat transfer in pit furnaces and forged products
  • Combustion modeling of auxiliary injectants in blast furnaces
  • Modeling of blast furnace stave thermal performance

Simulation solutions from ANSYS can be leveraged to enhance performance in many other aspects of the diverse metals industry.

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Mining & Mineral Preparation  Mining & Mineral Preparation

Software from ANSYS can model conveying, separation processes, sintering, fume extraction, flotation, leaching, hydrometallurgy, kiln operations, heat recovery and cyclones.

Baseline CFD model output: cloud of constant fume concentration

Primary Manufacturing Processes Primary Manufacturing Processes

Supported by ANSYS, engineering simulation can optimize the performance of blast furnaces, LD, EAF, Hall cells, inert anodes, calcination, electrolysis retorts and electrowinning.

Temperature inside heat exchanger tubes as air flows toward front left; heated air is subsequently used for combustion in blast furnace.

Secondary Processes Secondary Processes

ANSYS solutions have the power to model continuous casting, tundishes, SEN ARS, LF, VD, remelting, oxygen-free, crystal growth, ESR and PAM.

Turbulent kinetic energy in a steel tundish

Shaping Operations Shaping Operations

Software from ANSYS can help optimize the performance and quality of casting, rolling, forging, extrusion and DC casting processes.

Productization Productization

ANSYS simulation tools and technologies are applied in optimizing forging, hydro-forming, machining, stamping electroplating, welding, CVD, PVD and spray-forming operations.

Enhancing Structural Behavior of Metals Enhancing Structural Behavior of Metals

Software from ANSYS can model and optimize a wide range of materials, including iron and steel, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, copper, precious metals and super-alloys.