Reduce Emmissions & Develop Clean Coal Technologies

With growing concerns about CO2 emissions and their role in climate change, software from ANSYS is increasingly used to develop and assess new technologies that reduce pollution. These include higher combustion efficiency and other performance improvements as well as CO2 separation and carbon sequestration systems — including chemical looping and liquefaction.

Historically, different engineering teams have studied problems such as flame characteristics, surface temperatures and thermal stress separately and sequentially. But ANSYS technology brings together computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) tools to multiphysics models that consider coal combustion processes, thermal stresses, equipment fatigue and pollutant production quickly and cost effectively.

ANSYS simulation and modeling tools support these and other clean coal innovations:

  • Design of coal gasification systems
  • Development of new coal-to-liquid technologies
  • Engineering and design of low NOx and ultra NOx burners
  • Modeling and analysis of oxyfuel technologies