Electromagnetic & Circuit Simulation

ANSYS offers tools to create the next generation of DigitalRF CMOS ICs, GaAs/SiGe RFICs, and SIP/SOC designs. HFSS, SIwave, Q3D Extractor and DesignerSI provide a platform to design innovative circuit topologies that integrate digital, analog and RF functionality as well as new device and process technologies that drive optimization of size, power, cost and yield.

HFSS, Q3D Extractor, and SIwave are used to extract GHz accurate S-Parameter models, W-elements and Full-Wave SPICE models for on-chip interconnect and complete IC packages. In addition, these tools are dynamically linked to DesignerSI for high-speed circuit simulation and statistical analysis; and final verification of the IC with package and board parasitics included.