Power Management

Today’s computing and storage systems maintain competitive advantage by consistently delivering optimal performance per watts metrics. Because these high-end servers and supercomputers require tremendous amounts of power, systems design must be energy efficient. The challenges include increasing power density, a continued demand for air cooling, and the need to reduce size, weight and noise pollution.

Components like microprocessors and memories must control and reduce their overall power consumption, while operating at the highest performance possible. Performance degradation happens when insufficient power is delivered to the ICs within the system that is often caused by power delivery network (PDN) integrity issues. Ensuring PDN quality is key to achieving the delicate balance between power and performance trade-off requirements and maintaining power integrity for system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

PowerArtist ― software from ANSYS subsidiary Apache Design ― is a register transfer language (RTL) power analysis and optimization platform that enables design teams to gain greater insight into IC power consumption at an early stage and allows implementation of various power optimization techniques. PowerArtist’s RTL Power Model (RPM) technology bridges the gap between RTL design and physical power integrity by enabling early PDN and package prototyping, as well as sign-off coverage for power integrity analysis. The RedHawk power integrity analysis platform ensures PDN quality to meet performance requirements. RedHawk technology enables validation and power grid sign-off for designs with respect to noise and reliability considerations.

Since power management is not limited to just lowering power, silicon-proven ultra-low-power tools and methodologies help chip designers to optimize for lower power ― and preserve PDN integrity ― to achieve performance targets. Employing power budgeting very early in the chip design cycle at the RTL phase helps to address the increasing power gap as well as ensure power delivery network integrity of the system.