RF/Microwave System Design

Some end equipment intentionally emits electromagnetic energy. This includes RF component design such as RF amplifiers or RFICs as well as the integration of various RF components into microwave systems such as radar and antennas. Product designers face many electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical design challenges.

From an electromagnetics standpoint, engineers must fashion components with micro- or mm-scale features and integrate them into systems that can be hundreds of meters in size. This can result in very large electrical models that are difficult and time consuming to simulate. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) must be kept to a minimum — whether between various components and channels in a single product or between microwave and end equipment systems.

Many RF devices generate heat during operation, resulting in significant thermal challenges.

Mechanical issues include thermomechanical stress in RF components. Engineers often need to perform vibration analysis and drop tests for radar systems and antennas in defense and civilian aircraft and other vehicles.

Optimizing product design across physics is complex, as changing electromagnetic parameters can impact product thermal and mechanical performance, and vice versa.

To address the size of the electrical problem and conduct large EM simulations, ANSYS provides a high-fidelity 3-D electromagnetic solver, HFSS, as well as an IE solver and high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities.

HFSS software includes numerous plotting and user interface advances.

Geometric scale variation can be analyzed using the DesignerRF suite as an RF circuit simulator. This product can simulate the entire system/circuit behavior and is tightly linked to HFSS inside the desktop environment.

For fluid flow and thermal management, ANSYS FLUENT software performs CFD simulation for external aerodynamics applications and complex analysis of complicated geometries. Product designers use ANSYS Icepak technology for thermal management of electronics enclosures, including RF devices and system. The ANSYS Mechanical product gives mechanical engineers the tools they need to conduct thermomechanical stress simulation along with modal, vibration and drop test simulation. The ANSYS Workbench platform integrates the various engineering disciplines for multiphysics design and optimization.