Integrated Chip, Package & Board Design

Today’s semiconductor chips must withstand an increased amount and frequency of data generated. This increase is the result of several factors that have converged to make chip design more complex: Clock speed has risen, integrated circuits (ICs) contain more transistors, and transistor size has decreased.

As a result, engineers face increased complexity in designing chips, packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Noise and crosstalk necessitate comprehensive signal and power integrity studies as well as electromagnetic interference analysis. Increasing package power densities and higher solder-curing temperatures require complex thermal management and mechanical reliability investigation. 

DC analyses between voltage regulator module and two microprocessors in middle of board

Resolving design challenges offers a number of benefits beyond boosting the bottom line: It improves product reliability and reduces warranty cost.

For companies that develop and manufacture semiconductors and PCBs, ANSYS provides the only integrated simulation platform that improves engineering design accuracy with high-fidelity physics. The ANSYS solution increases engineering efficiency by tightly integrating tools into a single simulation platform. This solution optimizes product functionality as engineers from various disciplines collaborate to meet complex design specifications.

Package and board designers use ANSYS 2.5-D/3-D full-wave electromagnetic solvers along with extraction and circuit simulation tools to address signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic interference challenges.

Predicting circuit board hots spots with electro-thermal cosimulation

To address structural mechanics and thermal management, ANSYS offers comprehensive implicit and explicit simulation capabilities and CFD solutions. The software is integrated into a single platform along with productivity enhancement tools that work across solvers.

The ANSYS solution for integrated chip, package and board design considers many other aspects of the extended engineering simulation process. High-performance computing capabilities help to reduce simulation time and increase fidelity. ANSYS DesignXplorer software facilitates design optimization. ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager technology captures and organizes data, workflows and best practices to increase productivity and ultimately improve efficiency.

Finally, companies can reduce their software purchase and maintenance costs by relying on ANSYS as the single supplier for all their engineering simulation needs.