End Equipment Design

Customers have evolved to be rather demanding about new products and features. Consequently, companies that operate in the electronics end equipment sector face a very competitive environment with a very short design cycle. One challenge is balancing conflicting design specifications, such as product functionality vs. cost reduction, or improved product reliability vs. weight and size reduction.

Electromagnetic compliance (EMC) is an important concern as product developers attempt to optimize thermal design. The most recent challenge is linked to the proliferation of electronics and wireless devices. Engineers must calculate the tradeoffs between device performance and consequent electromagnetic emissions that might interfere with a signal in a high speed channel — either within the same device or in adjacent products.

For end equipment companies that need to resolve these challenges, the best tool is an integrated multiphysics simulation platform. ANSYS is the only provider that offers such a platform enabling engineering design accuracy with high-fidelity physics. Tight integration between software components increases engineering efficiency. This ANSYS solution optimizes product functionality as engineers from various disciplines collaborate to meet complex design specifications.

7X7 WR90 waveguide array scanning with regard to -45 to 45 degree theta

End equipment designers use comprehensive 2.5-D/3-D full-wave electromagnetic solvers from ANSYS to conduct detailed RF/MW analysis and system-level EMI/EMC simulation — so the product passes FCC regulations.

In structural mechanics, the ANSYS suite of products enables engineers to conduct detailed static, dynamic and thermal loading analyses along with vibration and drop test simulations to ensure mechanical product reliability.

Thermal management solutions are just as comprehensive, with industry-specific system-level thermal management tools. This breadth of multiphysics simulation complements productivity- enhancing tools such as ANSYS DesignXplorer software and ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager. These products enable engineers to optimize system design across the various engineering disciplines, resolving conflicting design specifications in a shorter design cycle.

Finally, companies can reduce their software purchase and maintenance costs by relying on ANSYS as the single supplier for all their engineering simulation needs.