Electromechanical Systems Design

Consumers as well as governments demand a lot from products: performance, entertainment, safety, fuel efficiency, and more. These concerns are driving the integration of electromagnetic components, power electronic circuits and control systems — sometimes called mechatronics — and each sector involves different physics domains and design expertise. The ever-increasing requirements require a new generation of design strategies and tools to accurately characterize the interdependent physical domains inherent in electromechanical systems.

3D model of an electromagnetic structure within a comprehensive system simulation

A number of industries stand to benefit from such integrated simulation tools: automotive, industrial automation, and aerospace, for example, whose applications include complex high-performance components, circuits, and integrated systems.

The electromechanical design solutions from ANSYS help engineers to design, simulate and validate such complex products. By leveraging advanced electromagnetic-field simulators linked to powerful circuit and system simulation software, engineers can understand the performance of their products at the component and system level long before building a hardware prototype. This approach enables ANSYS customers to achieve a competitive advantage with faster time to market, reduced costs and improved system performance.