IC Engine

IC engines are central to vehicle manufacturer’s ongoing efforts to improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions. The IC engine is also the most complex system in a vehicle involving diverse technologies such as combustion chambers, injectors, dynamic components, cooling system, turbocharger, ancillaries, sensors, controllers and embedded software.

Due to tight interplay of various components and sub-systems it is increasingly important to optimize the IC engine as an entire system while managing trade-offs between key performance aspects such as efficiency, emissions, durability, initial cost, maintenance cost, weight, and others.

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ANSYS provides a complete engine simulation solution:

  • Complete Chemistry: ANSYS Chemkin™ is the gold standard for combustion chemistry kinetics, ANSYS Model Fuels Library™ is the most exhaustive library of IC engine fuels that enables engine makers to precisely predict emissions from fuels of various compositions, and ANSYS Forte™ is a dedicated in-cylinder CFD solver that integrates advanced chemistry into CFD simulations.
  • Complete Streamlined CAD-to-Solution Process: Whether an engine analyst or a designer, ANSYS leapfrogs engineering productivity with a rapid streamlined simulation process that starts with direct CAD import, meshless CFD, persistent parameterization, engine specific solution setup, integrated flow-thermal-structural-fatigue solvers, in-built post-processing, and automatic design-of-experiment runs.
  • Complete Engine Simulation: ANSYS engine simulation not only covers combustion CFD, but also cooling flow, heat transfer, structural durability, and fatigue, providing a single common platform to simultaneously optimize fuel efficiency, emissions, cooling strategy and engine durability.
  • Complete Engine System Simulation: With deep solutions for all modeling engine components ranging from turbochargers, to lubrication system, to sensors, PCBs and controllers, to embedded software, ANSYS provides an single platform to optimize the entire engine as a complete system.