Cars & Light Trucks

Consumers and governments demand fuel efficiency and low-pollutant emissions. As a result, car manufacturers are making big investments to develop vehicles that meet these more stringent targets, often using hybrid and electric drives. Smart features and high-tech gadgets add to the complexity with electronics and embedded systems; paradigm changers include advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. The push for higher quality and reliability spurs significant innovation in car manufacturing processes and tools.

To optimize vehicles, car makers focus on system-level objectives, such as reducing aerodynamic drag, tuning the electric powertrain system for efficiency, and light-weighting the car body. Deploying extensive up-front virtual design exploration helps to ensure safety, quality and reliability early in the design cycle.

ANSYS software is packed with detailed models, submodels, methodologies and best-practices across all prominent physics for analyzing key vehicle systems and components. You can explore and optimize designs virtually at an early development stage and test them under many conditions to eliminate quality and reliability issues. ANSYS advancements in model-based systems engineering and certified embedded code generation help the automotive industry unravel the complexity of electronics and embedded systems, drastically reducing development time for embedded software while meeting safety standards.