Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense

ANSYS helps aerospace and defense companies to meet the challenges of fuel efficiency, environmental impact, innovating to support the new space race and designing for affordability in a constrained defense-spending environment.

Leading companies around the world leverage the power of ANSYS software to develop next-generation aircraft, commercial space vehicles, and unmanned systems like intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) technology. One important application is optimizing passenger comfort and safety; other complexities involve the use of advanced multifunctional materials, millions of lines of embedded software, model-based systems engineering and multidisciplinary optimization.

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The upward price of jet fuel and the desire to reduce its environmental impact are driving the entire commercial aircraft supply chain to aggressively improve fuel efficiency and reduce the lifecycle cost of ownership.

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A&D Electronics

The more-electronic aircraft initiative expects to significantly reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency. There are two key components: reducing the size, weight, power and cooling (SWAP-C) requirements of electronic systems and replacing traditional systems with their electronic equivalents.

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Because of space’s unforgiving environment, product design must be right the first time. ANSYS' engineering simulation technology ensures product reliability at established and emerging government and commercial space technology organizations.

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Because of its incredible depth and breadth, ANSYS engineering simulation technology plays a crucial role in the defense industry, especially as major organizations improve design process efficiency and leverage model-based systems engineering in the drive for affordability.

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  • Smart & Affordable ISR
  • Design for Affordability
  • Engineering for Sustainment

Smart & Affordable ISR

ANSYS engineering technology is ideal for developing smart and affordable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) products. Simulation helps to reduce late-stage failures, deliver enhanced payload and platform capabilities (including unmanned systems) and improve performance of embedded electronic and communications technology. Integrated systems analysis and multiphysics simulation deliver robust platform and payload integration.

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Design for Affordability

Simulation-based engineering has proven beneficial in reducing product development time and cost as well as building in higher quality and more innovation. However, in this era of fiscal scrutiny, merely using simulation tools is not sufficient to meet affordability targets.

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Engineering for Sustainment

With capabilities related to fatigue, advanced materials, next-generation electronics and embedded control code, ANSYS technology helps customers engineer for sustainment through lifecycle prediction. This includes minimizing maintenance costs, optimizing operational availability, reducing late-stage design failure, and integrating new hardware and software components into existing platforms.

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