Product Names

Because the ANSYS portfolio contains a wide range of products, simply stating that you used “ANSYS” software does not help readers to accurately identify the product(s) and capabilities needed to better understand your work.

  • Product references should be accompanied by the release version. Refer to your product license form for the correct product name.

Example product reference: ANSYS® Academic Research, Release 16.2

Please include the product name in the paper/presentation abstract and add the product documentation as a reference whenever possible.

  • Documentation references should be accompanied by the relevant product name, release version, document book, chapter and page. Note that manuals, online help and other documentation accompanying the software are protected by copyright law and subject to nondisclosure provisions in your software license agreement. If you paraphrase or summarize documentation text in your own words, then you must cite the source of this information.

Example documentation citation: ANSYS® Academic Research, Release 16.2, Help System, Coupled Field Analysis Guide, ANSYS, Inc.

  • General documentation citation: ANSYS® [product name], release number, help system, [book and chapter reference name/numbers], ANSYS, Inc.
  • Private communications (such as technical support responses) from ANSYS should not be cited. Quotes must be approved by ANSYS, which will indicate what attribution should accompany the quote.