The Royal Institute of Technology , Sweden

By Dr. Stefan Wallin

The school of engineering science at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden is using the academic product ANSYS FLUENT in the education of engineering and master’s students in the field of CFD. The course is attracting approximately 40 students every year and has become even more popular during the last years. At KTH, there is high demand from students for CFD education (not only from students in mechanical engineering, but also from chemical engineering students and other disciplines).

The course is a followup to a basic course in CFD considering numerical methods and fluid mechanics. The main part of the course is devoted to a project task that is solved by a group of two to four students. The projects that are done by the students are often related to industrial problems. The figure below shows a collage of pictures from previous student projects using ANSYS CFD software. A one-day hands-on introduction to ANSYS FLUENT is provided by ANSYS Sweden AB.