Usage Tiers

ANSYS provides a highly scalable portfolio of academic products based on several usage tiers:

  • Teaching – high-quality simulation technology to ensure students receive the best possible education and hands-on experience; tools can be leveraged to attract and retain students in a crowded secondary education market
  • Research - provides graduates and researchers with access to high-fidelity simulation tools that improve results accuracy and efficiency, leading to
  • Associate - extends the Research terms of use by allowing non-proprietary industry related research; not available in all regions
  • Toolbox - for more-specialized pre-processing and solver concerns, such as meshing or turbomachinery-specific applications

Each tier includes a range of high-value noncommercial products that bundles broad physics and advanced coupled-field (multiphysics) solver capabilities. In addition, an academic toolbox addresses.

Academic Teaching products are intended for class demonstrations and hands-on instruction. Academic Research and Academic Associate products provide more flexible terms of use as well as unlimited numerical headroom suitable for doctoral and post-doctoral research projects.

The usage tiers reflect our legal terms of use.