Add-on HPC

All ANSYS Academic Research and ANSYS Academic Associate products can extend their built-in HPC capability with add-on HPC licenses. ANSYS Academic Teaching products may not extend their built-in HPC capability. There are four types of add-on HPC product licenses as follows:

Add-on Academic HPC Product
(per core & workgroup)

Extends the built-in HPC of the following base product(s)

ANSYS Academic Associate HPC

ANSYS Academic Associate

ANSYS Academic Associate CFD

ANSYS Academic Research HPC

ANSYS Academic Research

ANSYS Academic Research CFD

ANSYS Academic Research Mechanical

ANSYS Academic Research Autodyn

ANSYS Academic Research Polyflow

ANSYS Academic Research Electronics Thermal

ANSYS Academic Associate Electronics HPC

ANSYS Academic Associate EM

ANSYS Academic Associate HF

ANSYS Academic Research Electronics HPC

ANSYS Academic Research EM

ANSYS Academic Research HF


One task of ANSYS Academic Research/Associate HPC extends the base HPC ability of any one of the solvers that supports HPC that is contained in the base product (see built-in HPC section for more details of what HPC methods are available for each solver). Each task adds another core.

Both SMP, DMP & Domain Decomposition methods are extended to additional cores by the add-on HPC academic products. Please see the Built-in section above for specifics about what bundled solvers support what type of HPC.

For the structural, thermal and fluids academic products, the “add-on” HPC licenses can be used to extend the GPU capability provided by the built-in HPC tasks. Each add-on HPC license (task) can be used to access either a CPU core or a GPU card/slot. (See also the built-in HPC section).